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News, new stuff, etc.


New aircraft miniature. Raiden ITA 009, SM-79. $6.00

We’re at Cold Wars. Back row, right in front of the concessions….

Out for casting, ETA end of November.

GBR 28, Mosquito FB Mk VI  price TBD


Revised decals back in stock.

MI 100 – Cards, dice, 8 balls. Updated images.

MI 105 – Polish Insignia. Updated and revised to include Polish Falcons in white, red and red on white.

New Stuff.

1/285 planes.

JAP 18 – Ki-21 Sally. $6.

JAP 29 – Ki-48 Lily. $5.

2 new Check Your 6! compatible books are available , both WW2 Pacific theater.

BLD 106  Battles Above 3 – The 3rd WW2 book and 5th overall from Brian DeWitt. Over 70 scenarios running from Dec 7 (Philippines) to July’45. Stats for new planes included. Scenarios range from small to ‘get the gang over’ large.  $35

SGG 01 Desperate Measures.  From 3 California based guys, their first effort is a gem. Well annotated and documented, covers the period of summer of 1944 to end of the war with an emphasis on Kamikaze actions – usually escorted. Ship stats included. Over 48 scenarios. Artwork is gorgeous. Over 80 pages with notes, stats, commentary and background. $35

We have a mess of new aircraft releases in progress but not ready yet.

Decals – we’ve been reprinting and upgrading a number of older ones

ME-100 has been completely redone. Better product and selection of goodies on the sheet.


New releases for Historicon

ITA 007 – CR 42 -in stock. $3.50 each

Scenario books – authored by Brian DeWitt, published by Beacon / I-94 (us)

BLD 103. Battles Above, Volume 1.  Europe.

This 70 scenario volume goes early, mid and late war. Fighter skirmishes, sweeps, bomber streams and a general assortment of mid to large scenarios. 24 new aircraft and stats for them. Total aircraft roster is on our website. Book is in our hands and it makes its debut at Historicon.    $35 retail

BLD 104. Battles Above, Volume 2. Malta

This 32 scenario book includes Crete and general Mediterranean actions. Total aircraft roster is on our website. Book is in our hands and it makes its debut at Historicon.    $25 retail.

New goodies from Goblintooth (MSD) and MSD will be at the show.

We’ll also have decals on hand from Kevin Hammond (MiscMinis) at the booth as well as Dom’s Decals.



1 June ’17

Released today, JAP-25, Ki-27 Nate in 1/285 scale. Nice model. Playing toymaker has some therapy to it. $3.00

We are on schedule to have 2 new supplement / scenario books compatible with Check Your 6! ready for a Historicon release (July 13, 2017)

Titles have yet to be formalized but one concentrates on Malta campaign at 24 scenarios, the other across Western Europe and North Africa, early to late at 70+ scenarios. Prices TBD, estimating $25 and $30 respectively.

20 April ’17

New planes as of today.

USA 133 – Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star   $3.00

GBR 27 – Bristol Beaufighter – $5.00

FRA 107 – Mirage F-1 – $3.00

TW-100 – Me-323 Gigant (resin casting)   $24.00 each or 3 for $60. 1 pc model, no assembly required.

22 March ’17

Decal reprints / upgrades

Decals – Reprints / back in stock
BR-101, LB-102 – revised and upgraded.
US-118 and US 119 have been revised, upgraded and reprinted as 1 sheet – US-118. US 119 has been discontinued.


Rules. CY6 Jet Age compatible – Crusaders Over ‘Nam. 11 scenarios in which F-8’s scored kills. Good scenarios, well documented, great cover art.  Retail is $18.


New releases in stock.

GBR 023. Bristol Blenheim IV   $5.00

RUS 011. Polikarpov I-153    $3.50.

New Stuff

WWI scenarios – official name is ‘Colorful Skies 1’ and ‘Colorful Skies 2’- for scenarios for 1916-1917 and Vol 2, 1918 – are on hand. Prices are $25 each. Brian DeWitt is the author. I-94 Enterprises (technically Beacon Publications) is the publisher.

29 Sep ’16


New stuff, 1/285 aircraft.. They’ll make their debut at Advance the Colors, Springfield, Ohio, this weekend.
GER 033 – Do-17Z  $6.00
GER 030 – Me-262A $3.00
JAP 024 – Ki-84 Frank $3.00
FRA 004 – Br-693  $3.50
GBR 030 – Defiant $3.00
GBR 033 – Blenheim IVF $5.00  (Blenheim IV should be 1 Nov)

8 Sept ’16

Goblintooth, the WWI line which disappeared about 2004, is back.  MSD Games has picked up the line – planes, rules, stands – and is in stock.

We have a restock of GBR 7, GBR 10.

USA 121, F-14 Tomcat. $6. Restock on GER 24, Ta-154, $3

FR-103 – French flag decals

On the bench, in various stages of work up.

I-153, Pzl 11 and 24; A-6 Intruder; Mirage F-1, F-80 Shooting Star

FR-103 – French flag decals

From MSD…

B-1 Lancer  $25   B-2 Spirit  $25    Yak-9  $3  Chinese  J-10 & J-20. $6 each. Saab Viggen $6.  Russian (too late for WW2) Bi-1 rocket plane, $3. Caproni 314, $6. F-86D, $3.

3 planes for March.

USA 42, B-17G; CAN 101, CF-100; RUS 106, Su-17

New decals

BR-127 – British flags. Union Jack, St. George’s and St. Andrews crosses
GR-121 – German names, black, target is 15mm armor. Emphasis on historical names, famous leaders and Norse mythology. They should work well for 1/200-1/300 bomber / larger aircraft.
GR-122  -Same as GR-121 but in white.  GR-121 is shown in the description photo for clarity. White doesn’t scan well.

FR-103 – French flag decals

On the bench, in various stages of work up.

A nice slew of new products on hand.

IN-202 will be replacing IN-201. IN-202 are magnets, 3/16″ diameter x 1/16 ” thick (4.8 x 1.5mm), replacing the 3/16″ diameter x .8mm thick magnets. Packaging and price stay the same, 50 magnets for $10. Once IN-201 is out of stock, they won’t be restocked. For them moment, you can find them on sale on this site or in the surplus bin of our ‘shopping cart’, the ekm powercart site.

New – IN-203.  1/4″ dia (6.4mm) spherical magnet. Pricing will be 6 for $6.00. These have a number of uses and will mate up with flight stand and aircraft adaptors to permit the planes to show roll/pitch/yaw. Tested for 4+ years now – if you’ve seen one of the games we run at a convention, that’s it.

New- FS-5. A pack of 12 pcs of a stand adaptor meant to fit a 1/8″ (3.1mm) rod and seat a 1/4″(6/3mm) spherical magnet. Slips over rod for fast and secure mounting. Pricing is 12 pcs for $10.

FS-10.  A pack of 12 pcs of a miniature mounted adaptor. A steel product, this permits the aircraft miniature to show roll, pitch and yaw.  Glues into hole in bottom of miniature and is magnetically attached to stand. Pack of 12 is $10.

You’ll  need 1 pack for every 12 stands or every 12 planes. You will also need 1 pack of 6 pcs (IN-203) spherical magnets for every 6 stands.

For 24 stands, 4 packs IN-203, 2 packs FS-5 are needed. Then, for every 12 planes, 1 pack of FS-10.

Historicon Update & New Releases

As a number of folks know, this is ‘The Side Job’ and from time to time, takes 2nd place to ‘Ye Olde Realle Jobbe’. Which explains lack of updates in May and June.

Historicon – next week, July 18-21 in Fredericksburg, VA. We are booth 203, so 2nd aisle, 2nd row. Corner booth.

New releases

We redid the masters and molds for most of the March releases in order to produce a more robust gaming miniature. These will be available at Historicon

New items. As of this writing, we expect the following new items to be ready at Historicon.

JAP 16 – Ki-61 Tony. $2.75

JAP 19 – G4M1 Betty    $6.00

JAP 20 – G4M2 Betty    $6.00

USA 28  – P-26 Peashooter. This will be a 1 pc casting, so integral landing gear.

USA 31  – CW-21A  $3.00……USA 32 – CW-21B   $3.00  Used by the Chinese Nationalists and Dutch respectively, these 2 items are really intended to flesh out some early war offerings.

GBR 13 – Gladiator – $3.50.  Long out of production, this model has been completely redone. Landing gear are integral to the model. This is a much better model than what was previously available.

RUS 8  –  I-15   $3.50. New item, and again, landing gear integral to model. Limited assembly required.

RUS 9 – I-152   $3.50. As RUS 8, new release w/ integral landing gear and limited assembly.

GBR 24 – Fairey Fulmar – $2.75

And in the works…

GBR 22 – 2 seat Hurricane. In and of itself, benign, but used by Soviet forces as an artillery observation and command aicraft.

USA 6 – Re releasing of the B-29. Look for this in September.

ITA 6. MC 205. Likely August.

B-25 Family. More later as we get closer to a release.

JAP 18, 21. Ki-21 Sallys. Likely October, possibly September.

Flight stand update. We’re back to the drawing board, the Mk I version needing some work.

Show preorders. We pack on Tuesday, leaving Wednesday. Last time to call in an order for us to bring to HIstoricon is Monday, July 15 at 8 eastern.

See you at Historicon.

The Planes Are Here

Photos will be posted when we return from Cold Wars. The planes will be released at Cold Wars, 7 March. We will also have the new CY6 book ‘Floatplane Hell’ as well as a mess of freshly painted aircraft and armor available for sale.

 See you at Cold Wars. Drive safe.


New Decals & Reprints

ITA 005,  MC 202 Folgore is here .

MC 202 pictures are on the websites

New decals are here.

Upgrade / reprints – BR 105, British 15mm armor insignia and rankings.  BR 106 is an upgrade / reprint. Now includes the Australian aircraft codes and roundals printed together, and the squadron codes support the Check Your 6! book Road to Rabaul

BR 126 is new. It is for British 1/285 – 6mm armor and has national insignia and rankings  Long requested, it’s finally available,

AL104 is an improvement of AL 102, so much so we’re obsolescing it immediately. Al-104 is intended to remedy the opacity problem of AL 102. WWI insignia for US, Brits, French aircraft. As insignia are geometry and scale easily, these are suitable for 1/100-1/160 minis.

MI 116 covers 1/600-1./200 aircraft models (modern insignia are terribly small) for Pakistan, Iran and India. Addresses aircraft in the upcoming CY6 book, ‘Crisis in Kashmir’.

MI117 covers 1/600- 1/200 aircraft models for Jordan, Turkey and Libya. Forgive me, a typo is on the sheet description and should read ‘Turkey, Libya and Jordan’.

The Jordanian insignia are 2 piece affairs, with the wedge needng to be placed on the roundal / fin flash. Registration accuracy forced it into a 2 pc decal.

See the decal scans page and click on the item in question.

Check Your 6! ‘Floatplane Hell’ Pre-orders

We have a picture of the cover of the new Check Your 6! ‘Floatplane Hell!‘ scenario book out with a description. Click on the button above ‘Floatplane Hell’. Book release information and details are there as well. Please contact us for preorders. Pricing will be $25 retail, which means $21 from us. We expect to take delivery of the books the Friday of Cold Wars.

Cold Wars. Booth 30. 2nd aisle, 3rd row, end cap.

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