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5 Aug 19

New decals

for 1/285-1/300 armor, German tank turret numbers in black (NB-105) and white (NW-105).

reprinted and improved, US-103. Now includes Fall’42-July’43 markings. 25-75″ sizes address P-38’s (25 inch insignia, booms) to B-17’s (75″, wings). With a bit of algebra, these will work on 1/144 and 1/200 fighters as well.



USA-123, F-16C is now available. $4.


New release effective today.

GER 37, FW-190D.   $3

Expected Historicon release

Last Monday, June 10, the purchase of the Scale Specialties of decals, name, rights and designs were sold by Penelope Harms – widow of Norm – to I-94 Enterprises. We now have all the decals in our possession.  We will be adding the 1/160 items as well as the 10mm Samurai line of decals to the website shortly.

Historicon. We’ll be there, back side of row one.  GHQ will not be attending. We will be bringing our selection of their goodies as well as some stock up.

29 May 19
New stuff released today
JAP 006. Ki-67 Peggy  $6.00
SWE 004 Saab Gripen $4.00

Expected release 30 May
Reprinted decals
NB-103. 15/20 mm tank turret numbers.
New decals
LL-100. Numbers / letters in blue. Sizes are .06,.08,10″.
MI-119. Canadian, German armor insignia in 1/285 / 6mm scale and chevrons in black and white. This will obsolete sheet MI-107.
MI-120. Ambulance decals in 1/285 / 6mm



New and in stock, USA 38, B-26C Marauder in 1/285 scale. $6.



New aircraft miniature. Raiden ITA 009, SM-79. $6.00

GBR 28, Mosquito FB Mk VI  $5


Revised decals back in stock.

MI 100 – Cards, dice, 8 balls. Updated images.

MI 105 – Polish Insignia. Updated and revised to include Polish Falcons in white, red and red on white.

New Stuff.

1/285 planes.

JAP 18 – Ki-21 Sally. $6.

JAP 29 – Ki-48 Lily. $5.

2 new Check Your 6! compatible books are available , both WW2 Pacific theater.

BLD 106  Battles Above 3 – The 3rd WW2 book and 5th overall from Brian DeWitt. Over 70 scenarios running from Dec 7 (Philippines) to July’45. Stats for new planes included. Scenarios range from small to ‘get the gang over’ large.  $35

SGG 01 Desperate Measures.  From 3 California based guys, their first effort is a gem. Well annotated and documented, covers the period of summer of 1944 to end of the war with an emphasis on Kamikaze actions – usually escorted. Ship stats included. Over 48 scenarios. Artwork is gorgeous. Over 80 pages with notes, stats, commentary and background. $35


New releases for Historicon 2017

ITA 007 – CR 42 -in stock. $3.50 each

Scenario books – authored by Brian DeWitt, published by Beacon / I-94 (us)

BLD 103. Battles Above, Volume 1.  Europe.

This 70 scenario volume goes early, mid and late war. Fighter skirmishes, sweeps, bomber streams and a general assortment of mid to large scenarios. 24 new aircraft and stats for them. Total aircraft roster is on our website. Book is in our hands and it makes its debut at Historicon.    $35 retail

BLD 104. Battles Above, Volume 2. Malta

This 32 scenario book includes Crete and general Mediterranean actions. Total aircraft roster is on our website. Book is in our hands and it makes its debut at Historicon.    $25 retail.

New goodies from Goblintooth (MSD) and MSD will be at the show.

We’ll also have decals on hand from Kevin Hammond (MiscMinis) at the booth as well as Dom’s Decals.



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